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The Key Store is a whole sale distributor of keys, key blanks, key machines, key accessories, locksmith supplies, real estate supplies, and motel supplies since 1987. Our products are available to those in the Locksmith, Real Estate, Hotel or Motel business, hardware stores, thrift stores, flea market sales or other places that use and cut keys.

Please take a look around this site to see what we have to offer. If you've been in business for some time we know you'll be delighted at our prices and prompt delivery. If you're thinking of starting a new business or expanding one and need help in getting started then you found the right place. Please give us a call and let us know what you want. We've got a lot of good advice for free.

Wholesale Keys

We carry a full line of JMA, Kabba-Ilco and Jet Manufacturing key blanks. Go to keys  and take a look.

Key Machines

We have just added a new line of key machines from ESP. They are reasonably priced and on sale now. Go to machines  and take a look.

Automobile Transponder Technology

Over the past few years, the auto makers have experienced great success with the new security features provided by transponder key technology. Over half of all vehicles built in the model year 2000 and beyond are currently planned to use transponder keys. It is not possible to copy all transponder keys with a single machine that is manufactured today. But you can now clone most transponder equipped vehicle keys with computer technology that reads the transponder code from the owners key and copies it to a new transponder ready key. The cloned key is then cut with your key cutting machine. Plus you do not need the customer's car to make cloned keys.

Technology from JMA: TRS-5000

The TRS-5000 with Crypto is a fixed Code and Crypto Transponder duplicating system. For information about the TRS-5000 go to the TRS-5000  page of JMA. Then go to the catalog download  page to download the 2008 Transponder catalogs. These catalogs provide a list of the transponder keys that can be cloned with the TRS-5000. For package deals go to our machines  page. Transponder keys are listed on our keys  page.

Real Estate House Keys

You can't beat our prices on KW1 and SC1 keys. But if you find these keys at a better price let us know and we'll be sure to match their prices. Go to keys  and take a look.

Motel and Hotel Keys

We now carry the large head Motel and Hotel keys. Please give us a call for availability and pricing.

Colored key blanks for Religious or special Church events

Light weight aluminum house keys come in 7 different colors and are reasonably priced at just $.50 per key with quantity orders.Go to keys  and take a look.

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